E-Music Consulting


E. Manhiri

Emmanuel is a business consultant and multi-award producer/songwriter with over 15 years of in the music industry and corporate consultancy. A serial entrepreneur, Emmanuel’s core areas of knowledge are marketing, strategy and value proposition.

He grew up with a strong passion for music while singing in the school choir in primary school. He found myself listening to Michael Jackson vinyl records at the tender age of 6 and trying to write down all the lyrics so he could memorize them and sing along to the records.

His weekends consisted of church choir, school choir and watching music videos on MTV, music was clearly all he ate and drank. While traveling with his parents he picked up Piano and Saxophone as his main instruments and began writing songs.

This led to him being headhunted by the legendary Robert Plant and traveling to London, where he worked for various record labels and production companies.

By the age of 15, E. Manhiri had established himself as a leading producer in R&B, Pop and Indie. Working with various global labels and renowned producers to curate commercial music while developing great grassroots acts.

He has performed at a number of keynote events and venues including the Millennium Dome and Royal Albert Hall in London where he played piano with Tony Blair, Prince Charles and Her Majesty the Queen in attendance. He plays a number of instruments with piano, drums and saxophone as his favorites.

E. Manhiri has a first class degree in Music with Media & Communication from the University of Manchester, where he graduated in the top 3 of his class. He is a regular guest lecturer at Colleges and Universities across Europe & Africa on topics around international music, music technology, marketing and the music industry.

E. Manhiri has a passion for international music and has consulted on various projects that focus on commercialising African music and positioning it in western markets. He has spoke at various African music industry events on how they can translate their sound internationally while retaining its authenticity. This is an area E. Manhiri is actively working to further and he will be involved in a number of projects relating to this mission.